About Me

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Hi there!  Welcome to my website. Are you looking for inspiration to write? Poke around and you might just find your muse here. I will post a new short story every two weeks. Subscribe here.

My name is C. Fong Hsiung (pronounced “Shiung”). I’m smitten…by words, that is. I am an author…that sounds nice. Author of a novel, Picture Bride (Mawenzi House formerly TSAR Publications, October 15, 2014) and short story, Alfie (Life Rattle Press Alfie read at The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2012). Stay tuned for more books to follow.

I am also an accountant (CPA, CGA) and have a MBA degree, but that’s the corporate world stuff. My writer brain, backseat driver for too long, is steering me along another path. I’m on an exciting journey where imagination is my ally and words are my companions.

If I can assist you in any way, please email me via my Contact Me page. I was once a newbie to this writing world, so I’d like to make your writing life easier. And if you are inspired by something on my site, please tell someone and drop me a note.


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