Technology Blues

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When my laptop (see picture) died a couple of weeks ago, I was pretty nonchalant about it. I was expecting its death and I’d backed up everything…so no sweat. I planned to order its replacement over the Labour Day weekend, and I still had my iPad.

Of course, the unexpected happened. We went to Silverwoods at Treasure Lake in Dubois, USA for that weekend. While we were at the resort, someone stole my iPad right out of our townhouse unit. What an unsettling feeling. There was no sign of forced entry. It was a targeted hit. I had used the resort’s WIFI the night before with my iPad. Nothing else was stolen. My netbook, which was right next to it in my backpack, was left untouched…for that I’m grateful. The netbook and my iPod Touch became my lifelines to the Net.

Now if you’ve ever used a netbook to browse, you’d know what a challenge it is. Nothing loads properly, and its turtle-pace speed stretched my patience to its limit. As long as I stick to using it for my writing, it keeps me happy. The iPod Touch is just way too small to browse comfortably, and the keypad is for the birds, literally. I bought it for my music, and that’s what it’s good for.

So until my new laptop arrived a few days ago, I was pulling my hair out, counting the strands, wondering how to get by without proper connection to the Net. Oh, how dependent we’ve become on technology.

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